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McDonald's plans 'high tech' renovation

Mayfield's renovated McDonald's restaurant, which is scheduled to open around October, will feature a lot of high-tech conveniences for customers, including ordering kiosks such as the one seen above at a New York City site. Construction at the current site is expected to kick off in the summer. McDonald's Corporation photo




McDonald's will soon kick off an extensive renovation of its Mayfield restaurant, a move that will transform the current structure into one of the most advanced models in the region.

Wilma Griffith, communications and strategy director at the company's Louisville office, said Wednesday that customers will appreciate the "state-of-the-art" changes the company has planned and they can expect to see it soon.

"We are actually going to break ground in the summer of 2017. It's going to be considered one of our 'Experience of the Future' restaurants," Griffith said. "That is kind of the latest and greatest in technology."

The new structure would have a more "contemporary" look inside and out.

"The inside lobby will have an ordering kiosk for the customers so they can choose (what they want) when they enter the restaurant. They can use the kiosk or they can engage with the front counter and order their items that way," she said.

Digital menu boards will be provided inside and outside the restaurant.

"Currently, a lot of our restaurants have the indoor digital menu boards, but these new boards will be provided at the drive-thru."

Griffith said the new facility would reflect the same "footprint."

"We are just rebuilding or remodeling on the current footprint so it's going to be about 90 to 100 seats in terms of customer seating and capacity," she said.

However the new design will not feature a "play place" for children, like some of the company's other locations.

The new facility will also be friendly to customers and their electronic gadgets.

"You go back to the modern look and feel. It will be equipped with plenty of outlets for the customers to come, enjoy, relax and stay a while with technology. There will be different outlets where they can plug in, and free WiFi," Griffith said.

More information will be provided later concerning whether or not the project will be a new construction or an extensive renovation.

"I don't know if the right terminology is rebuild," she added. "I know we are starting from scratch with a similar footprint. Generally, that is a rebuild."

The restaurant should be ready to reopen in the fall. The work will require about a three month shutdown.

"Once we break ground, which will be right around the summer - maybe some time in July - there will be about a 90- to 100-day timeline in terms of construction, so that puts us right around the October time frame in the fall and right before the holidays. So we are really looking forward to it."

The entire project is aimed at providing better service.

"We are always conscious of service, making sure that we get our guests in and out," she said. "We are anticipating that the digital menu boards will be very high-tech and allow individuals to see what's on the menu so they can pick and choose a little bid more quickly."

She said the entire "Experience with the Future" format is in line with what McDonald's is doing across the U.S. It won't be the first in the region, because the Louisville office is a hub of the company's five-state service area centered in Indianapolis.

"This will be one of the state-of-the-art restaurants in the Mayfield, Kentucky, area. It's pretty big news. We're working on another one so this one will probably be the second or the third that we have launched this year."

More about the company's plan to upgrade restaurants nationwide may be found by searching for "McDonald's Experience for the Future" program online or go to the company's website at corporate.mcdonalds.com/mcd.html.