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Clothiers and Generals and Pluckers, oh my!

The 1939 Kitty League Champion Mayfield Clothiers pose in front of a scoreboard.

Courtesy of www.kittyleague.com

For fun, I ran a couple of polls on Twitter this week. One was overwhelming in one response, while the other offered some varied and unique insights.

The overwhelming response was in regards to the question I posed if there should be (and likely will be) a statue outside Busch Stadium of catcher Yadier Molina, should it be of him in his catcher's gear or swinging the bat?

Molina is (as of this writing) batting .276 after a series win at Arizona that included him driving in five runs over their two wins in the three-game series, including a three-run home run Wednesday in the series finale before heading to San Francisco for a four-game stint.

But being one of the best catchers in the game is where Molina has made his mark. He is knowledgeable and works well with his pitchers. After the Diamondback series, he has caught over 476 innings despite missing 26 games after surgery when he took a foul ball to the groin.

He is tough as nails and willing to go toe-to-toe with anyone in defense of his team. Remember the altercation he had with Arizona skipper Torey Lovullo over a vulgar term?

The choice was clear in my unscientific poll that nearly all (98 percent) of the 47 voters agreed Molina's statue should be of him in his catcher's equipment, likely springing up with ball in hand to fire to get a runner trying to steal second base.

After a couple of stories on the Fulton Railroaders, I had heard from a few people about Mayfield's former Kitty League team, the Mayfield Clothiers, and if it may ever be resurrected and join the current Ohio Valley League that has teams from Fulton, Paducah and Henderson.

That may be a tall order, but if Mayfield did have another semi-pro baseball team, what would the name be? The Clothiers (who played from 1936-55) tied back to the city's garment industry history.

The Clothiers initially were affiliated with the then-Brooklyn Dodgers and later the St. Louis Browns, Pittsburgh Pirates and then-New York Giants. When with the Browns, the local team was also known as the Browns.

Mayfield won titles for the Kentucky-Illinois-Tennessee League in 1936 and 1950.

In this poll, Clothiers received only 14 percent of the 78 votes. The winner with 47 percent was Generals. That idea was mine to reference the local tie to the old General Tire plant and its history to the community.

"Other" garnered 27 percent of the vote, while another suggestion of mine -- "Pluckers" -- got only 12 percent. I was really pulling for that one, relating to the current chicken industry here (no pun intended).

A couple of suggestions made said the name should stick with a bird, since we're a town of Cardinals and Eagles. In the same vein, one idea was related to Mayfield football. I thought "Pigskins" might be unique for a football reference with a baseball team.

A couple jokingly suggested Messengers. I don't know how far that would go. And would they be able to deliver (pun intended)?

Even though the Twitter poll is wrapped up, I'll throw it out for our readers to offer a suggestion as well. Feel free to email me.

Eric Walker is Sports Editor of the Mayfield Messenger. He can be reached at 270-804-4607 or ewalker@mayfield-messenger.com. Follow him on Twitter (@HeyMrWalker).