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Travis ready to shine on diamond

Graves County's Carson Travis snags a fly ball from centerfield last year for the Lady Eagles. Travis and her teammates are preparing to get the 2019 season started next week.

ERIC WALKER/The Mayfield Messenger

Graves County junior Carson Travis is this week's featured student-athlete for the Brown Funeral Homes Player Profile.

Travis recently concluded basketball season with the Lady Eagles and is preparing to hit the softball diamond, beginning Monday at Marion, Illinois. She told Mayfield Messenger sports editor Eric Walker about coming off the bench, goals for softball and dessert options.

EW: In basketball, Graves County came up short of playing in the First Region championship game. But looking back, how would you characterize the past season?

CT: This season started out slow, but we all came together and for us to have one senior (Taylor Carrico), we wanted to play for her this year.

EW: You all started 5-5 then went on an incredible run. What do you think was the biggest part of turning things around after Christmas?

CT: We all came together and realized we weren't playing as a team and we wanted to make sure we started doing that again.

EW: How would you describe your play once you hit the floor?

CT: I knew my role was to go in and play defense, so no matter when I came into the game I was ready to play defense.

EW: What other sports have you played in your life?

CT: Basketball, softball and soccer.

EW: Is there a sport you wish you could play?

CT: No, I love softball and enjoy basketball.

EW: Do you play a musical instrument?

CT: No.

EW: Is there one you'd like to play?

CT: I wish I could play the piano.

EW: So what are your goals for this softball season?

CT: I want to hit better this year and always improve on my outfield game.

EW: What are the pros and cons of life in the outfield?

CT: Con, when you're not getting any action and you're just standing out there. Pro, I love when my teammates call my name when there may not be anything hit to me just shows they trust me.

EW: You all have a lot of chants in the dugout. Any you like the best?

CT: The "99er" cheer.

EW: Baseball has some superstitions. Any you have?

CT: The outfielders have to do our pre-game handshake.

EW: What teammate makes you stop and think the most?

CT: Chloe Dawson.

EW: Do you like scary movies or comedies?

CT: Comedies.

EW: Pie or cake?

CT: Cake.