The Graves County Health Department announced that there had been 41 new cases of COVID-19 since Friday, bringing the county’s total to 460 cases since late March.

The new cases include three children between 0-10 years old, three teenagers, five women and three men in their 20s, four men and three women in their 30s, three men and one woman in their 40s, three women and one man in their 50s, six women and three men in their 60s, two men in their 70s, and one woman in her 80s.

A woman in her 30s, a man in his 40s, a man and a woman in their 60s, and a man in his 70s are in isolation at the hospital.

Health Department Director Noel Coplen said that to date, there have been 329 recoveries and 26 deaths.

“In all that we do, we need to be kind and considerate of others,” Coplen said in a press release. “Stress and mental exhaustion takes a toll on everyone differently and we need to be aware of that.”