Sweets and Treats at Trinity New Hope Christian

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Termed the “Gift of Community Gala,” Catalyst Church and its Catalyst Community Center took another step Tuesday night toward offering a gift that emphasizes the “unity” in “community.”

We are always looking for better ways to do things.

Annual Ladies Christmas Brunch is Dec. 14

Religious liberty is often a high priority for conservatives, but last week's acquittal of an Arizona man prosecuted for aiding migrants along the U.S.-Mexico border is spotlighting the ability of religious freedom law to shield people of faith regardless of political ideology.

What ingredients went into making David a man after God's own heart (1 Samuel 13:14)? We must put these same ingredients into our own lives and use them as parents to raise our children.In the opening chapter of David's life, when he is anointed by Samuel to be the future king, we see six in…

As I write this, Thanksgiving Day is next week and Christmas Day is but one month and one week away.

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In a period of reflection over the weekend, with the help of the Holy Spirit, I have seen that I have been short-sighted about a particular topic and I'd like to correct that here.

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CLINTON -- It was during the building of the West Kentucky Baptist Association's Ministry Center on McMorris Street in Clinton, that the volunteer workers needed to get the water pumped out in preparation for the concrete to be poured later.

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Community breakfast planned

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Once upon a time long ago, I was looking through an old photo album and ran across several pages of somber, sad-looking faces. No one even came close to a grin. Funerals produce far happier crowds than were shown in the black-and-white shots.

The holidays are approaching. For the dominant culture it is welcomed and anticipated as the "most wonderful time of the year." Yet, for many it is a time they have been dreading.

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Kingdom Woman this weekend

It is election time across our nation. Most of our focus goes to the executive and legislative branches of our government. But there is a third branch of government that has great influence and power in our nation. While I am aware that many judges are elected too, for the most part our nati…

Church presents Kingdom Woman in November

Obedience includes the humble and sincere acceptance of the authority and will of God. It's not only conforming, but also demonstrating our devotion through our thoughts, words, and deeds.

CORBIN -- "We just provided a vehicle for people to do what was already in their hearts to do," said Paul Sims. "We just gave them a way to do it."

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Annual gospel meeting at Bethel church

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ERIC WALKER/The Mayfield Messenger

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Is your love forgetful? Many wives are already elbowing their husband as they read the title! They are thinking about all the times he has forgotten something important to her! Maybe it was an anniversary, a birthday, or an important item at the store he said he would purchase.

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Community breakfast set for Saturday

As just another messenger for God's kingdom, I'm eternally grateful for the privilege to serve Him. We are living in an hour where the window of His grace is open and there is much to do before Christ returns.

ELIZABETHTOWN -- More than 113,000 men, women and children were on the national transplant list as of July 2019, according to organdonor.gov, and every 10 minutes another person is added to the list.

Most know the story of David, the famous giant killer in the Bible. He was courageous and powerful as a man of God. He became the famous king of Israel that would foreshadow the coming Christ.

Trinity New Hope Pastor Appreciation

People today get all consumed with trying to figure out what heaven will be like. Best-selling books have made millions claiming after-death experiences or heavenly visions. Whether it is a neurosurgeon or a little boy, people have been hungry to find out about heaven.

When we last visited, we began looking at racism and I presented the thought that there are active and passive forms of the problem.

Church anniversary set for Sunday

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Following a radio debut that continues to garner international airplay, Hickory-native singer/songwriter Seth Crane has released a new single, "Fly Away," that debuted at No. 1 on the Christian Radio Chart top 10.

Prayer is difficult! It requires faithful persistence (Luke 18:1-8). We may pray for something for years and God never grant the prayer as we desire. This causes us to question God, our own righteousness, and the purpose of prayer.

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Like many churches, Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church celebrates an annual homecoming with special music, a guest preacher and a potluck meal. But a keen eye by a church member made this year's homecoming a tad more special.

The topic I would like to address with this column, and at least one more, is not the most comfortable of subjects, but for that reason alone, is necessary to bring up and shed light upon.

I write these words on September 11, 2019. My Facebook news feed is filled with posts about 9/11. Most of the posts say something like "Don't Forget," "Remember 9/11," "Never Forgotten," or "Always in Our Hearts."

Anniversary planned at Fairview Baptist

Have you ever heard of the First United States Army group of World War II led by Gen. George S. Patton in a mission called "Operation Fortitude"? What about the British 12th Army division which was equipped and trained to move in invading Europe?

Some years ago, I met for the first time with a priest whom I'd asked to be my spiritual advisor. We exchanged the usual pleasantries about weather, work and family, and then got to the business at hand.

I've been asked many times through the years, how do we know God is real when we cannot see Him, touch Him, or hear Him?

John F. Kennedy had authorized the Bay of Pigs invasion into Cuba by Cuban exiles attempting to overthrow Fidel Castro, which was a complete military failure. Kennedy, adopting a CIA plan, had hoped to make it look like there was no U.S. involvement. The entire episode was a failure and heig…

After the shootings in Dayton and El Paso some days ago, I kept hoping that the commentary after that difficult weekend would take a different path than what took place following previous events. But it was the same old story with everyone saying and doing the same old stuff.

Gospel meeting underway in Lynnville

It seems to me that generally people used to believe the Bible was a pattern for their lives. When someone wanted to know how they should live, act or worship, they would look to God's Word for what it said. When someone wanted to know what to do in order to be saved, they would at least wan…