Mt. Pisgah Baptist celebrates 150 years

ERIC WALKER/The Mayfield Messenger

The sign in front of Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church on Hopewell Road in Boaz displays information on its homecoming this Sunday.

Like many churches, Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church celebrates an annual homecoming with special music, a guest preacher and a potluck meal. But a keen eye by a church member made this year's homecoming a tad more special.

Mt. Pisgah will celebrate its 150th anniversary Sunday, Sept. 15, at its 9323 Hopewell Rd., location in Boaz. While the building may have changed, the site has remained the same over the century-and-a-half timespan.

"We have a homecoming every year and somebody just happened to notice a corner plaque that tells when the church was first organized and somebody said that's 150 years," said Bro. Barry Summerville, the current pastor.

The engraving on the front of the church building notes Mt. Psgah Missionary Baptist Church was organized in 1869 and the building was rebuilt 103 years later.

The day will begin with special music during the Sunday School hour at 10 a.m. with Servants' Heart, followed by former church pastor Bro. John Boley speaking at 11 a.m.

"We're excited about it and want to let everyone know if anyone wants to come and worship with us that day, we'd be glad to have them" Summerville said.

Following the morning worship, the church will hold a fellowship meal.

Summerville, who has pastored Mt. Pisgah Baptist for nearly two years, said the day is simply a time to celebrate.

"We're not doing anything we haven't done in the past. It's just the fact we wanted to recognize and thank the Lord that he's blessed us with a beautiful place to worship with good Christian people in the church," he said. "That's something to celebrate."

Eric Walker is the sports editor for The Mayfield Messenger. He has also worked as a staff writer for the Messenger, editor for the Murray Ledger & Times, and in public relations. He is married with two sons.