City Hall not sponsoring Halloween 2020 LOGO


Halloween is coming, but like many things this year the normally festive occasion will be covered by the shadow of COVID-19. In the interest of public safety, the city announced it would not be participating in the spooky holiday.

Mayfield City Hall will not be sponsoring any Halloween activities this year because of the ongoing pandemic, Mayor Kathy O’Nan said in a statement at the City Council Meeting on Monday.

And since the holiday falls on a Saturday this year, City Hall will not be open for any trick-or-treaters.

O’Nan reminded that anyone who does not want to participate in Halloween this year should turn off their porch lights. Conversely, trick-or-treaters should respect their wishes and only approach homes with an illuminated porch light.

“As always, we caution everyone to be extra observant this evening as there may be ghosts, goblins, ballerinas and pirates on the lose,” she said. “We wish everyone a very safe, healthy and fun Halloween!”

She noted that she had no information regarding the plans of any churches, and suggested residents call specific church offices regarding any plans for events such as “Trunk or Treats.”