PADUCAH -- West Kentucky Community and Technical College will have an increased security presence on campus with the donation of a second cruiser in the past four years by the Paducah Police Department.

On July 10, Paducah's Police Chief Brian Laird and City Manager James Arndt joined WKCTC's President Anton Reece; Vice President of Campus Operations Shay Nolan and Security and Safety Operations Manager David Wallace for the vehicle donation in front of the college's Emerging Technology Center. The 2011 Crown Victoria vehicle is being retired from the city's police fleet.

"Safety is always a priority, a top concern. We are very appreciative of this contribution and support from the Paducah Police Department," said Reece. "I see this as an extension of that real important partnership with law enforcement because of the added importance of security and the visibility of cruisers on campus. It's speaks volumes."

Chief Laird agreed another cruiser is a good fit for the college.

"Just that presence in itself provides some comfort to people as well as provides a deterrent," said Laird. "We just want to be able to help out and provide as much security when someone is here and when someone is not here as well."

After talking with the city manager, Laird said Arndt was in full support of the cruiser donation to the college.

"We are working with community partners to support each other where we can. Money is tight everywhere," said Arndt. "If we have resources we can share, I think that's what we need to do."

WKCTC provides 24-hour security on campus. Wallace said the second cruiser will continue to build the college community's sense of well-being.

"We received the first cruiser almost exactly four years ago and have utilized the vehicle to provide around the clock security on campus. We have locations in Graves County and downtown Paducah as well, so we've put approximately 24,000 miles on it," said Wallace. "That seems like a lot of miles but we try to cover as much of the college as possible. This next cruiser will help us provide more security coverage to our faculty, staff and students."