Farmington Elementary introduces news program to students

Farmington Elementary School is producing their own news program for students and faculty. Meagan Wilson and Mannix Hamilton are pictured as they are reading the news script.

Farmington Elementary School has conducted its very own news program during this school year. Their mini-news team includes Brayden Cherry, Meagan Wilson, Hailee Jones, and Mannix Hamilton, who all serve very specific roles.

These roles range from two news anchors to a weatherman, cameraman, and script holder. Using a piece of green paper for the make-shift green screen, they are able to select nearly anything to place behind Cherry (Mr. Weatherman). A green screen is a green wall used in television, so producers are able to place any sort of background behind the person on camera. Meanwhile, the news anchors are surrounded by a colorful background adding a splash of excitement to the news production.

The students usually take around fifteen minutes to finalize one newscast after discovering that writing and producing a perfect program is nearly impossible. Of course, a few hiccups along the way and then these eager students are well on their way to piecing together a beautiful production. Anything from the random joke of the day to the genuine and relatable on-air personalities, the students are definitely brightening the day for Farmington Elementary.

The production is produced by Shelly Gardner who is the resource office instructor for both Symsonia and Farmington elementary schools. She believes that these students are becoming acquainted with mass media and video production at a crucial age. She hopes that this widens their view concerning jobs in the future pertaining to news production.