Former MCP worker charged for over $16,000 of stolen property

Graves and Hickman County Sheriffs’ Offices recovered over $16,000 of stolen property from Christopher Meyers’ residence in Hickman County. Meyers allegedly stole the property from his former employer, Mayfield Consumer Products, who reported the thefts to the Graves County Sheriff’s Office on Oct. 6.

A Hickman County man was charged after more than $16,000 of property from Mayfield Consumer Products (MCP) was found at his residence last Thursday.

Hickman County Sheriff Ben Nativadad initially arrested Christopher Meyers, 46, on methamphetamine trafficking charges, but Meyers faces additional charges out of Graves County for Theft by Unlawful Taking — over $10,000.

The Graves County Sheriff’s Office received a request from MCP candle manufacturing plant to investigate the thefts on Oct. 6.

Graves County Sheriff’s deputies went to a residence located on Cooley Road in Hickman County, with the assistance of the Hickman County Sheriff’s Office. Information received led them to Meyers’ residence. Meyers was a former employee of MCP.

Deputies recovered more than $16,000 worth of stolen property belonging to MCP, which product, tools, and equipment.

It was then that the methamphetamine was also discovered.