One of three co-defendants pleaded guilty on Monday in relation to a 2019 home invasion incident, the Commonwealth’s Attorney Richie Kemp said.

Santasia Donald pleaded guilty to First-Degree Facilitation to Burglary, and First-Degree Facilitation to Attempted Robbery. Both are Class D Felonies.

In November 2019, Donald knocked on the front door of Anthony Crittendon’s home and asked to use his phone. As he was retrieving his phone, two masked men armed with rifles forced their way into the home and demanded money. Donald had allegedly fled.

As the men searched his home, Crittendon retrieved a 9mm he had hidden and opened fire on both robbers, striking each one.

One of the men collapsed on the floor while the other managed to flee. Donald would later later drop him off at a Pockets gas station.

The men who forced their way into the home, and were subsequently shot by Crittendon, co-defendants Kendrick Owens and Valdarious Starks, recently had their trial dates set for March 30, 2021.

Crittendon told police in the initial investigation that they were also looking for drugs in his home. The drugs located inside his home resulted in his arrest as well. He was convicted in September of Trafficking in Controlled Substance (Marijuana) — more than 8 ounces, less than 5 pounds (Class D Felony); and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (Class A Misdemeanor).

The commonwealth recommended Donald receive a sentence of eight years. She will be formally sentenced on January 25, 2021.