Barkley Regional Airport is accepting applications to feature three local artists’ work permanently in the new terminal for spring 2023.

If artists live within 50 miles of Barkley airport — or have in the past— they qualify to apply at until Monday, July 11.

An optional Zoom workshop is on Thursday, June 30, at 3:30 p.m. for artists to speak with airport staff and consultants.

The goals for public art at Barkley Regional Airport’s new terminal are to:

• Provide an impactful “wow” experience that welcomes people to Paducah and the region.

• Generate community pride through high quality works of art.

• Communicate to visitors and locals that Paducah is a place that values and is enriched by art.

• Highlight aspects of Paducah’s art and culture that it has become known for worldwide.

• Bring to light elements of the region’s people, places, ecology, culture, heritage, and/or celebrated places and experiences.

Cindy Ragland, a Barkley art committee member, said 20 artists had recently applied. As a reminder, applicants may submit two applications for the terminal’s feature wall or two gate wall locations, respectively.

Applicants must submit a personal statement, at least three professional references and images of previous projects, among other specifications.

Only finalists must submit original proposals.

Selected artists attend an orientation in August and present concept art in November before installation work begins until March.

Visit for application and Zoom workshop registration information. Submit questions to by June 30, and answers will post on the same link.