A rally is planned today (Wednesday) outside the Paducah office of U.S. Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to address the Freedom to Vote Act.

Four Rivers Indivisible and Mayfield-Graves County Branch-NAACP are co-hosting a “Declaration for American Democracy” rally calling on Sen. McConnell “to stop obstructing debate through misuse of the filibuster on S1, the Freedom to Vote Act,” a release from both groups stated.

“This legislation is an opportunity for real comprehensive protection of voting rights, election security, and ensures our democracy is powered by the people. Extremist state legislators have spent the last year putting up barriers to voting in one state after another and are now drawing districts to benefit themselves, carving up communities and attempting to drown out the voices of millions of American voters for the next decade,” it read. “With the 2022 midterm elections quickly approaching, it’s critical Congress takes action to protect our freedom to vote and realize the promise of democracy for all.”

The Paducah event is one of more than 70 similar events occurring nationwide. It will be held from 12:15-1:30 p.m. at 100 Fountain Ave., in Paducah.

“The NAACP of Mayfield and Graves County support voting right for all, but especially people of color who have been disenfranchised from government in so many ways. Let’s support voting without restrictions,” said Bruce Dobyns, local NAACP president.