The City of Mayfield Condemnation Board voted to demolish a house that was involved in a recent animal cruelty case.

The home, located at 335 Boone St., was the site of a welfare check by the Graves County Sheriff's Office which resulted in animal cruelty charges and a call to Mayfield City Code Enforcement.

The house was subsequently condemned due to what were called "deplorable conditions" by City Code Enforcement Officer William Higginson.

He said at the meeting Tuesday that the value of the home was assessed at $10,000, and that it would cost that just to put it in a condition to repair it. In a slide show Higginson prepared, pictures showed the volume of trash, both outside and inside, and the structural condition of the home.

The home's owners, Michael and Shirley Futrell, were present at the condemnation board meeting but did not address the board; however John Hobbs, their son-in-law, did on their behalf. He stated that he and others had already begun cleaning the property and asked that the board allow him to conduct repairs rather than have the city step in to do the work or destroy it.

However, the board ultimately decided the house needed to be demolished, referencing prior warnings to clean the property in years past.

The Futrells are currently staying in Marshall County, according to Hobbs. Higginson said at the meeting that he'd provided them with contacts at the offices of the Purchase Area Development District and the United States Department of Agriculture, both of which, he said, could have helped them.

"Our department feels we have tried our best to help them," Higginson said. "We've tried working with them in the past, but right now we feel the house isn't savable."

The Futrells had come before the board a couple of years prior and were given time to fix some issues; the front yard was cleared and painting had been done. However, at the time, code enforcement was refused entry into the household, as well as behind the house into the fenced in area.

The recent case involved the sheriff's department conducting a welfare check at the home, which led to the discovery of 34 dogs and four cats living in reportedly deplorable conditions. Animal cruelty charges were brought against Shirley Futrell.

No date for the demolition has been set yet and won't likely occur until later this year.