100 Years Ago

December 1, 1919

To the Public: Your attention is called in the ruling of the Fuel Administration that all business houses must not open until 9 o'clock a.m. and close at 4 p.m. The ruling for special business can be found in the daily papers. The use of all unnecessary coal should be avoided regardless of stock. (Editor's Note: The coal miners union strike, which had began on Nov. 2, had hindered life in Mayfield earlier in the month. By Dec. 1 the entire country was running out of coal. Finally a settlement was reached ending the strike on Dec. 10, 1919)

50 Years Ago

November 25, 1969

Anti-Noise Ordinance Stands As Repeal Attempt Motion Fails: The city anti-noise ordinance repeal motion failed to pass in last night's regular meeting of the Mayfield City Council.

… In last night's meeting Councilman (Royse) Wilson again motioned to repeal the ordinance. He said he believes city police cannot enforce the ordinance and added that it appears to be a "joking matter" among some people.

25 Years Ago

November 23, 1994

Nigerian chief has a long trek to leaf market: Before the advent of their current mostly-cartoon campaign, one cigarette manufacturer used to boast about how far folks would walk for its brand.

Louis Onwugbenu didn't walk, but he came over 6,300 miles to buy tobacco from Campbell Re-handling Co. here, and has been doing so many years.

This was the Nigerian tribal chief's fifth visit to Mayfield.

10 Years Ago

November 25, 2009

Airport finishing new hangars: Two new hangars measuring 62 x 65 have been constructed at the Mayfield Graves County Airport and are receiving needed finishing touches as the project nears completion. Construction began on the hangar in Aug. 2009.

5 Years Ago

November 25, 2014

GCHS grad is official photographer for the University of Mississippi: Life on the sidelines may not seem too exciting to a lot of people. After all, who wouldn't want to be out there on the field or on the court actually playing the game?

That is unless, of course, you have a pretty good view of life from the sidelines. And that's where Josh McCoy happily finds himself.

1 Year Ago

November 28, 2018

Sheriff's Office seeking funds for body cameras: The Graves County Sheriff's Office hopes to obtain 21 new body-worn cameras for its deputies after saying most of its current ones are no longer operable.

Bonus Article

November 28th, 1969

Rookie Policeman Has His Problems Monterrey, Calf.: MONTEREY, Calif. -- A rookie policeman ordered a motorist to the side of the road to give him a traffic ticket. But the officer accidently locked the patrol car door as he got out, and the keys were still in the ignition. His citation book was on the front seat.

So the officer delivered a stern lecture to the motorist and let him go.

Then the policeman opened the back door and tried to fish out the keys through steel mesh that separates the rear prisoners' seat from the driver.

Suddenly, a passing car looked as if it might hit the open door so the officer slammed it shut and found himself locked in the prisoners compartment, which doesn't have door handles.

The officer radioed for help on his walkie-talkie.

Police Chief Harold Benadom left his family at Thanksgiving dinner to rescue the trapped policeman, whom officers politely declined to identify.

"You Read It Here First" was compiled by Mayfield Messenger circulation manager Mike Clark. All these stories can be found on microfilm in the genealogy room at the Graves County Public Library.