The make-up of the Mayfield Independent Board of Education is in question after the end of the year since no one filed to run for an open school board position.

The deadline to file to appear on the November ballot was Tuesday afternoon. No one filed, Graves County Clerk Kim Gills said.

Candidates may still run a write-in campaign, if interested. Their names would not appear on the ballot but could be written in by voters. The deadline for write-in candidates to file paperwork is 4 p.m. Oct. 25 at the county clerk's office.

The seat on the city school board came open with the resignation of board member Matthew Monroe this spring. Monroe resigned from the board effective May 1 after moving out of the school district.

"I have not heard if anybody has expressed any interest (in the position) or not," Monroe said.

The Kentucky Department of Education will appoint an interim board member to serve until after the November election, which will choose the person to serve the remaining roughly three years of Monroe's four-year term, board chairman Michelle Arnett said.

"At this point they have not appointed anyone," Arnett said, adding that the KDE has 90 days to do so.

She said she was aware of one person who had picked up paperwork from the board of education to seek the appointment but declined to provide the name.

"They have not done any kind of interviewing yet or processing of applications at this point, so basically right now it's in their hands," Arnett said of the Kentucky Department of Education.

County Attorney John Cunningham reviewed state statutes and said if no write-in candidates file by Oct. 25, the person being temporarily appointed by the Kentucky Department of Education will continue to fill the role until someone is elected in the next subsequent general election, which would be in November 2020.

He added that although Kentucky legislators recently changed how school board members are appointed, the new law does not go into effect until later this summer, so the process being followed is under the old law, a state statute in effect since 1990.

The Graves County Board of Education also had a vacancy on its board, caused by the resignation of board member Kevin Wiggins last year. Kenneth House, whom the KDE appointed as the interim board member, was the only candidate who filed to run for the rest of Wiggins' unexpired term in the November election.

According to KRS 160.180(2), school board candidates must be at least 24 years old, a Kentucky citizen for at least three years, a voter of the district for which he/she is elected and have a high school diploma or GED. The candidate must file an educational affidavit and a petition with at least two registered district voters' signatures as well as a high school transcript or GED test results. Filing forms are available in the county clerk's office.

Candidates must also not hold any elective federal, state, county or city office and must not be directly or indirectly interested in the sale to the board of services, supplies or equipment purchased with school funds. They must also not have close relatives employed by the school district.