Truck Pull Presentation

PAUL SCHAUMBURG/Graves County Schools

Graves County Truck and Tractor Pullers Association leaders Kenny Wiggins (left) and Larry Wooley presented a check at the Graves County Board of Education meeting on Oct. 29. Tana Jones represented the Graves County Family Resource and Youth Services Center directors in accepting the check for some $24,000. The Pullers said the Mayfield Independent schools received a check for $8,000, for a total of some $32,000 for children in need in Mayfield and Graves County through the Community Christmas Connection. Kenneth Wiggins and Ricky Wilson are co-founders of the Truck Pullers. Wooley noted, "We want to thank everybody for the tremendous support we get for this event. We have people who give to this project just like clockwork and we appreciate it." Jones said this year's project helped some 884 children in 427 families at Christmastime.