The start to the 2021-22 year for Mayfield Independent Schools has been pushed back a week, following approval by the board of education at their monthly meeting Monday.

The new opening date for K-12 students will be Wednesday, Aug. 11, and then Aug. 18 for preschool.

According to MISD Superintendent Joe Henderson, construction work at Mayfield High School has been operating with a tight schedule on some major projects and the possibility existed that contractors would still be working in essential areas with students back in the building.

“This was the most complex and laborsome part of the project,” Henderson told the board. “The reason it’s so complex is you’ve got piping, you’ve got gas, you’ve got water that different contractors have to work together.” He further explained workers had gone from four 10-hour days to six 10-hour days over the summer.

The calendar adjustments will involve removing two work days in September and November to make student attendance days. Those work days would be moved to the front of the calendar so teachers and staff would get their contracted days in, then two more days were added to the end of the calendar.

The final day for K-12 students is now May 13, 2022, and a final preschool date of May 5.

“It didn’t impact the calendar tremendously,” Henderson said of adjusting a 171-day student calendar to a 170 days.

The correct schedule is available on the district’s website.

The board also approved construction change orders at MHS totaling nearly $100,000. They include replacing gas regulators ($16,086), fixtures and electrical conduit installations ($10,410.96), replace a door ($14,026), wire reconfiguring in art room ($19,650), carpet, administrative office door and storage areas ($14,608), and structure work under bathroom floors ($24,439).

“We’re still in good shape, even thought that seems like a lot,” Henderson said. “It’s more than we’ve ever had to do at one time, but it’s more work than they’ve had to do at one time.”

The board also heard from Director of District Wide Programs Kim Reed and Director of Pupil Personnel and Safety Coordinator Kelly Stinson about the district’s ESSER III America Rescue Plan. The re-opening plan is required to be posted on the district’s website by July 31.

The plan has information on how funds will be used regarding health and safety. Stinson said the basis of the plan was from last year and COVID-19 that has been updated with proactive aspects such as plans for providing PPE, cleaning and sanitizing, availability of vaccinations, and regulations for sick students and designated waiting areas.

Another part addresses the academic impact of loss of instruction due to the pandemic, which Reed said the board has already addressed through additional guidance counselors, hiring Derrick Parrott as school/home/community liaison, Response to Intervention (RTI) positions at Mayfield Middle and Mayfield High schools for students who most need instructional assistance, and professional development with new programs and curriculum.

Reed added that the plan can adjust over time.

“It’s allowed us to help support other things we already have in place,” Henderson said. “We’ve had other grants in place, but now we have been able to expand with reading and other programs. We’ve been able to add staff, but the caution we’ve got to take is when these funds expire after those two years is we have to re-evaluate and see what we can do moving forward.”

Regarding safety, he acknowledged an uptick of COVID-19 cases locally and said school officials are looking at Centers for Disease Control and other federal and state recommendations regarding masks. The plan currently recommends anyone who has not been vaccinated to wear a mask but it would not be required.

Henderson said they will monitor local rates and communicate with local health officials to make any needed changes.

“Last year, we started with the basis of a plan and it changed every day,” he said. “We have a better understanding of what’s going on than we did this time last year, but we’re not sure what direction we’ll have to go.”

He added they are seeking further clarification on wearing masks on school buses and any CDC recommendations or orders and would communicate their policies to the public as soon as possible.

The board also approved extended school services salary schedule from Aug. 11, 2021-July 31, 2022. Certified employees for extended school service time for tutoring will receive $35 per hour and classified pay would be $12 in addition to the base salary.

In other actions, the board:

  • Passed second reading of KSBA policy and procedures updates
  • Approved MOA community education liaison, which is a shared expense with Graves County Schools. The total cost to MISD is $4,146.70 with the bulk of salary paid through grant funds.
  • Approved MES and MMS additional counselor positions to provide extra support for mental and emotional services following the pandemic. The district has one such position at MHS.
  • Accepted 12 catalog bids for 2021-22 for various materials and supplies with discounts.
  • Approved Classified RTI positions for MMS and MHS.
  • Approved Council for Better Education Resolution and Assessment related to some legislation passed regarding funding that may be “detrimental to public education.”
  • Approved 2021-22 emergency certifications.
  • Approved treasurer’s report and payment of current bills and salaries.
  • Approved personnel report.
  • Approved Consent agenda items of June 24 and July 12 board meeting minutes, an ARC chairperson, and field trips for MHS volleyball to Milan and West Carroll, Tennessee on Aug. 14 and Aug. 21, respectively, and MHS band trips to KMEA State in Lexington during Oct. 29-31, and KMEA All-State in Louisville from Feb. 2-5, 2022.