MMS Bus Loop

An awning to cover the school bus loop is on the list of renovations for Mayfield Middle School.

Both Mayfield Middle School and Mayfield High School may have new renovations for students and staff in the near future.

On June 16, a special called school board meeting was held for the Mayfield Independent School district.

Both Mayfield High and Mayfield Middle’s CMS Architect’s services for the current project were approved. Both projects are in the very early stages, therefore not much information is available. However, for Mayfield Middle’s renovation, a bit more of the details are available.

“The plan initially is to add classrooms to the back of the building, an awning for the bus loop, additional office space to the front,” said Superintendent Joe Henderson. “Also safety vestibule modifications and development of overflow parking area adjacent to the gym area will be in the plans as well.”

As more details are determined about Mayfield High School’s renovations, Henderson will update the community.

“The scope of the project is in the beginning phases so based on finances I am not sure all that the total project will include,” said Henderson. “We will have more of the details when we approve a BG-1 later in the year on this project.”

Also during the meeting, the annual reading of the KSBA Policies and Procedure updates was approved.

“This is just to make changes to current policies and procedures to align with new legislation from Frankfort,” said Henderson.

Bringing the meeting to a close, the superintendent contract amendment was approved, which added 10 additional work days and reimbursed $5,000 for retirement.