While school administrators, teachers and students are navigating the educational waters during the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, the Kentucky Department of Education has, as well, while collecting what data it could for the 2019-20 state accountability “report card.”

Many of the state’s assessments were to take place during the spring of 2020 but had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak that closed in-person classes and adjusted to non-traditional instruction.

The available information that was gathered was released Wednesday morning and included data on individual district and school graduation rates, trends, safety and goals.

According to a release provided by the Graves County School District, it showed interim progress goals were being met at the elementary, middle and high school levels, and that Graves County High School saw an increase in its four-year graduation rate to 95.9% from 94.9% for 2018-19.

Graves County Schools Superintendent Matthew Madding said he was pleased with the uptick with Graves County High School’s four-year graduation rate, “especially considering the way the school year ended for the class of 2020.”

Madding added that even though the information is limited, the district will monitor progress to make needed decisions.

“Graves County Schools will continue to make instructional decisions based upon a cross section of data and implement multiple tools to monitor instruction, student achievement, and student growth throughout the school year,” he said in an email Wednesday.

Mayfield Independent touted increases in proficiency rates for English Learners (EL). At Mayfield Elementary, principal Heather Dublin reported that their 2019-20 goal was for 15.9% of EL students at MES to score proficient.

“Our students exceeded that goal, with 51.9% EL students scoring proficient,” she said.

Kindergarten Screener data was another area unaffected by COVID-19. According to the MISD release, the data showed 60.4% of kindergarten students were ready for kindergarten in 2019, exceeding the state average of 51%.

“The goal of Mayfield Elementary School is always to provide the best education possible to all of our students. Despite the adversities we face this year, we will continue to see growth in our students and strive for excellence,” Dublin added.

Mayfield Middle School principal Kelly Stinson also shared EL scores increased and exceeded the 2019-20 goal provided by the state by 7.1%. “The goal of Mayfield Middle School is to do our best to reach every child every day giving them the best education possible, despite any challenges,” she said in the release. “We will continue to strive for excellence and hold high expectations for all of our students.”

At Mayfield High School, transition readiness is a key goal and principal Billy Edwards said that is where the school saw the greatest gains. As reported by race/ethnicity, Edwards stated that transition readiness improved 33% among Hispanic students, 31% among African American students, and 8% among White students. Graduation rates also remained high at 96.4% and scores for English Learners also exceeded the state-set proficiency goal.

“We are improving each year and I couldn’t be more proud of our students,” Edwards said. “Our faculty and staff continue to work tirelessly for our students, parents, and our community. I’m extremely excited with the direction our school is moving.”

Director of District Wide Programs Kim Reed said the areas of growth were due to the concerted efforts of the entire district, from those working in concentrated areas to classroom teachers and students’ efforts.

“Although the data is limited, it shows the dedication our administrators, faculty and staff have at each level. The growth of our EL students was the result of the efforts from all stakeholders. Our EL teachers and staff work closely with others to ensure the overall needs of each EL student is met,” she said.

The information can be examined online at www.kyschoolreport card.com.