Second fatal wreck occurs next day on same highway PHOTO

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet blocked off 849 East from U.S. 45 following a fatal accident that occurred in the 900 block of the state highway. Emergency personnel said a vehicle struck a tree and caught fire with an occupant inside. This is the second fatal wreck to occur along 849, the first occurring a little over 24 hours prior.

A second fatal wreck occurred on state route 849 Wednesday afternoon, a day after another fatal accident claimed a life on the same road. Wednesday's accident occurred in the 900 block of 849 West, near the Meridian intersection. Emergency personnel on scene said the vehicle collided with a tree and was set ablaze with the occupant inside.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet was on site to shut down the road to all non-emergency traffic at the U.S. 45 crossing. Graves County Sheriff's office was also on scene. Kentucky State Police are in charge of the incident.

Today's wreck comes just over 24 hours after another fatal wreck occurred on a different section of the same highway. On Tuesday afternoon, a vehicle crashed into ravine along 849 East, landing on its top and killing one of the two occupants inside. The other was airlifted via helicopter to an unknown hospital.

Further details on each accident were not immediately available.