A special prosecutor was selected in the case of a former ballpark manager for the City of Mayfield.

Graves County Commonwealth’s Attorney Richie Kemp said that Dennis Foust would prosecute Jason Darnall’s case in his stead after Kemp recused himself.

As the commonwealth’s attorney for both Marshall and Calloway counties, Foust said his office was already in talks with the defense attorney for Darnall to find a possible resolution to the case, and will also be speaking to City of Mayfield representatives.

While the victims may not have a direct impact on where the case goes, he said their input is still invaluable.

A Graves County grand jury had indicted Darnall in February on three counts of Theft by Failure to Make Required Disposition of Property, and one count of Theft by Unlawful Taking — More than $500 but Less than $10,000.

Darnall was cited by the Mayfield Police Department in October 2020. According to the police report, he accepted three check payments from Xtra Innings Baseball, which were meant for field rentals. On each occasion, he allegedly asked the payee to make them payable in Darnall’s name, calling them his raise.

This reportedly included $600 on June 25, 2020, $450 on July 12, 2020, and $750 on Aug. 22, 2020. As two of the checks exceeded $500, they therefore counted as felony charges.

Kemp previously cited possible conflicts of interest because of prior interactions with Darnall on the ball field. A “standard” Kemp said he always takes with cases is to “avoid even the appearance of impropriety,” so his recusal and a special prosecutor with no connections to Darnall was necessary.

Mayfield City Hall officials stated last fall that Darnall had already paid restitution to the city.

Darnall is scheduled back in circuit court on June 14.

He is not the Marshall County Attorney.