Cars line up to enter a COVID-19 testing tent behind Graves County High School on Tuesday morning. Health officials are asking people to pre-register to be tested. Some 400 tests a day are needed through Thursday at the site.

The COVID-19 test site in Mayfield reached 195 tests by approximately 2 p.m., Graves County Emergency Management Director Tracy Warner said.

The testing site ay Graves County High School is open to any citizen who feels they need to be tested, regardless of whether they have any symptoms. There is no charge to be tested.

Warner added that while staff on site would prefer citizens be registered, they are not turning anyone away. Those who are not registered will have to wait a few minutes longer and fill out the necessary paperwork. A doctor’s permission is also not required to be tested.

To help protect citizens and staff, Warner said people getting tested are given free face-masks and will be given small vials of hand sanitizer after the self-administered test is complete.

She said it would be beneficial anyone concerned they may have been exposed—perhaps unintentionally being around others—to get tested, especially with Memorial Day weekend coming a few days away.

“For people to know whether they have it or not, at this present time, I think is good,” Warner said.

Tuesday morning, she said, several people did show up at once and operations had been gradual and smooth.

The site is open from 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m. today (Wednesday) and Thursday, and aims to test as many people as possible.

Warner said upon arrival citizens will drive to the site and slightly open their window to speak with staff. The citizen will then be directed accordingly, depending on whether they had previously registered.

She said Gov. Andy Beshear’s goal is to have 400 tests done a day.

In other news, Graves County’s Emergency Operating Center meeting has been scaled back to two days a week. Since its inception, it has taken place via teleconferencing Monday through Friday. Due to the slowing of local COVID-19 cases, the decision was made on Tuesday to relegate it to Mondays and Thursdays for the time being.

Warner said while things are slowing, they will resume full week meetings should the need arise.