The word “Juneteenth” may be a new term to many, but the Mayfield community embraced it in full Friday. And it was another step, we feel, in a long process of racial harmony throughout our community and country.

During the day, locals gathered around Eddie Williams Park to have fun and celebrate the emancipation of slaves in the United States in 1865. There were the usual things we expect when any group gets together for a celebration — food, fellowship and fun. What’s better than that?

In our opinion, the Mayfield community has stepped up to try and hear the voices within its Black citizenship regarding their concerns and hopes, both locally and nationally. While we realize more can and should be done, we applaud the efforts of organizing to lift up these issues and also seek unity. We have had protests and also seen progress to bring people together, as well.

All of these steps are needed. Speakers at the Juneteenth Celebration provided information and inspiration. In another effort to give more power to the voices, voter registration was also available.

As Americans, we love to celebrate our freedom. The celebrations like Juneteenth or the 8th of August also are celebrations of freedom. But we should continually work toward better understanding. Local organizers talk about wanting to hold more events to bring people together. That is an excellent way and one we hope we all can get behind and celebrate.