I try to do something each Thanksgiving to highlight certain things people are thankful for. Last year, I wrote about Graves County basketball coach Josh Frick who would be soon starting a new basketball season after a heart scare earlier in the year.

Not only that, now they have another Frick to be thankful for after the birth of son Asher Clay this year.

So 2020 has its bright spots and I thought about the teachers who have had to adapt so often and react so quickly from the start of this pandemic to now and who knows how long for the immediate future. So I’d like to ask Mayfield and Graves County students to send The Mayfield Messenger why you’re thankful for your teacher(s) and we’d like to put them in the Nov. 25 newspaper.

You can email them to news@mayfield-messenger.com by Nov. 20. Keep them less than 200 words and please include your name and school. I think it will be a nice way to say thank you to those who have also been at the front lines this year.

Eric Walker is news editor for The Mayfield Messenger and Marshall County Tribune-Courier. He can be reached at ewalker@mayfield-messenger.com or editor@tribunecourier.com.