This weekend’s weather isn’t expected to be as nice as last weekend’s. Highs both Saturday and Sunday are to be in the mid-60s with storms forecast for Easter. Today, actually, looks to be the nicest day of the weekend with sunny skies and high temperatures around 60.

The warmer weather and rays of sunshine may help alleviate some of the mental gloom we have suffered during a rainy winter, but which segued — almost in doubly cruel fashion — into nice weather enveloped in a global pandemic that has mandated us to remain cooped up in hopes of avoiding catching the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The slivers of escape that some have chosen to take, however, have put others at risk. Admittedly while not confirmed, there have been reports of people or families just wandering around our larger stores, such as Walmart and Lowe’s. We suppose the idea is that going out to these stores is simply to get out from the four walls at home. See people. Walk around. Break the monotony of non-traditional instruction days or days just being homebound.

And, of course, there is the need for items at the store, such as food or to see if toilet paper has miraculously found its way back on store shelves. But it has prompted these stores to take measures of limiting the number of people in their stores, either through appropriate social distancing gaps or limiting entrance to one family member instead of the whole family.

On Wednesday, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear issued a new order directly addressing such overcrowding at our stores. Beshear’s new executive order will mostly limit shopping to one person per household at grocery stores, pharmacies, hardware stores and other retailers that are still open to in-store business, according to the Associated Press.

“It’s going to help you and the business practice better social distancing if there are less people in there,” La Tasha Buckner, the governor’s chief of staff, was quoted by the AP. “It’s also going to help your family stay safer because you have less people going into the stores and potentially becoming exposed.”

The order does include exceptions for people with children or others who need supervision. But the important thing is to not take advantage of the exception. Those who have two small children, but a larger number may need to see about getting a babysitter from a sibling, parent or older, responsible child.

It is also no excuse to act out against store employees. They’re doing their job. As is needed so many times nowadays, use common sense.

You have also likely seen a few more assault or domestic arrests listed in our reports from Mayfield Police Department. That could be a tragic consequence to social isolating. Graves County Commonwealth’s Attorney Richie Kemp shared a list of risks, factors, signs of abuse, and resources recently on his offices Facebook page, which was shared on our Facebook page.

The information includes contact numbers if someone who is abused or suspects abuse to contact, such as 1-877-KYSAFE, Merryman House (270-443-6001), Kentucky State Police (270-856-3721), Graves County Sheriffs Office (270-247-2401), and Mayfield Police (270-247-1981). If someone or yourself is in immediate danger, call 911.

These are trying and stressful times, but inflicting any form of abuse is inexcusable at any time. While we talk about hope during this pandemic, there is also help.