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A couple of those opinion pieces crossed my desk this week that needed to be shared as we enter the holiday shopping season and Saturday marks Small Business Saturday: Shop local!

It does seem counterintuitive to write about "local" and use material gleaned from newspaper minds in both Pikeville and Winchester, but their points cut right to the matter.

So why not share what's at the heart of so many small, community businesses, whether the words were written here at 111 South Seventh St. or elsewhere. It rings true nonetheless.

People like the idea of "shop local," but that tends to be more lip service. As the editorial in the Appalachian News-Express points out, people figure they'll spend less by going to a larger store elsewhere, but neglect to factor in gas, car wear and tear, food, time spent, or even shipping if making a purchase online.

But "keeping it local" helps overall in the community as it gets circulated again and again from store to employee to other local businesses and on and on.

The Winchester Sun shared information from, a small business website, about the impact small businesses make in local communities.

This includes:

• Small businesses accounted for 75% of all new jobs.

• $100 spent at a local independent business returns $68 to the local community. At a national chain, that drops to $43.

• Locally owned businesses reinvest in local economies at a rate 60% higher than chains or Internet retailers.

• More tax dollars go back into the community.

Other tid-bits include that local businesses can provide more options on products than larger stores; local businesses have more of a vested interest in the health and vitality of the local community and economy; unique local stores and shops bring in outsiders to the community; and local businesses can create more employment opportunities for those in the community.

All that said, it is also important for businesses to remember to advertise locally for many of the same reasons listed above.

Those local advertising dollars are again re-circulated in the economy and community in a variety of ways.

Some of you may have already planned your Black Friday shopping or done some pre-Black Friday shopping.

And while not everything on that Christmas wish list can be found within the city limits of Mayfield and county lines of Graves County, there are other treasures you can find that can be a special, heartfelt gift to a friend or family member, as well as your local community and neighbors.