To the Editor,

On Monday afternoon, Dec. 30, 2019, Mayfield Graves County Animal Shelter received approximately 34 dogs and four cats from a home in Mayfield at the request of the Graves County Sheriff's Office.

The dogs were malnourished, filthy and flea-infested. They will need considerable medical attention over the next several weeks/months.

By Monday evening they had full bellies and plenty of water and were sleeping in a comfortable crate or cage. By Tuesday afternoon many had been bathed, given flea medication and had nail trims thanks to Bluegrass Vet Clinic staff. (Wednesday), the staff began the task of making sure all are vaccinated and to provide a little closer inspection of each dog and cat.

I want to thank our community for the tremendous outpouring of supplies and monetary donations to the shelter for the care of these babies. We had calls as far away as Lexington wanting to help. Thank you to the volunteers who gave of their time to unfold newspapers for crates and cages and walk dogs to help out.

Thank you to people willing to foster the current shelter animals to make room for these 38 and free up staff to attend to their medical needs. Thank you to the RC Center for allowing us to have extra workers and a deputy to supervise them.

This community never disappoints in their willingness to help the shelter when we are in need and to show your love for our animals. I speak on behalf of the board of directors in saying how much we appreciate your support. We absolutely could not do it without this support.


Martha Thomas

Board President