To the Editor,

Once again, I am writing The Mayfield Messenger to compliment another of your wonderful residents. Gary Kirby, who is an employee of DirecTV, and lives in Mayfield, is certainly worthy of compliments for his great, professional service.

Saturday, he installed a DirecTV satellite. He was professional, courteous and very helpful. We had an interesting discussion, and I told him of the greatness of Enterprise, which is also located in Mayfield. I showed him the post on the north side of my overhang on my building where my car was totally destroyed by a hit-and-run driver.

The post was leaning badly and Gary Kirby told me he would straighten it for me. He did indeed straighten the post, which was not an easy task.

I do thank Gary Kirby for going above and beyond his work. In conclusion, thank you, Gary, for your thoughtfulness.

Kay Presson

Bardwell, Ky.