Editorial was ‘spot on’

(Wednesday’s) editorial page reminded me once more of how very fortunate Mayfield is that we still have a robust and active hometown newspaper, something so many communities and even cities are now having to do without. Your editorial on “Heroes and Wannabes” was spot on regarding the distressing news over the weekend of the hanging in effigy of our state’s governor. I appreciated the way that you directed our thoughts to all the true heroes we have to be thankful for this Memorial Day week.

I also appreciate the voice the newspaper gives to our elected representatives to essentially explain themselves to us. The other piece on (Wednesday’s) editorial page was a thoughtful examination of our relationship with China written by Representative James Comer. I rarely agree with Mr. Comer’s votes, but I am glad that through my local newspaper, I can learn not only how he votes, but why.

Knowing that newspapers all over the country were in financial danger even before the current COVID crisis, I just wanted to write and encourage our community members to get behind our newspaper. And to express my personal thanks to the Messenger for a job well done.


Judith C. Tuggle