To the Editor

If I had a name for this story or essay, it would be titled "Humbling."

First of all, humbling is the response I got when I had the opportunity to interview several students from the Class of 2019 during the May 2019 Baccalaureate ceremonies held at St James AME Church where I belong. This is an annual ceremony held by the Mayfield and Graves County Ministerial Association.

Secondly, I began my survey by interviewing several graduates across the country; Tennessee, Ohio, Maryland and Florida and of course right here at home. There were a total of three questions I asked different students privately and these questions were related to school violence, which included bullying which lead to other behaviors at school or at home.

I am a graduate of Mayfield High and also a MSU alumnus, I have worked for the MCSS in Clarksville Tennessee and one having over 1,800 students. A lot of these students came to school together from one of the six middle schools in the area, which I believed helped them to look out for one another. The poem I wrote last year in wake of the latest school shooting is titled, "So What!" An answer given by a true believer in Christ Jesus and that's why some of the answers I got from some of students of Class of 2019 were "humbling."

These are the three questions asked during my random interview; (1) How safe is the high school you are leaving? (2) If you had the chance, would you try to take down the intruder/shooter? (3) Do you believe our God in heaven thinks any less of the intruder/shooter than he does the victim, who is your classmate.

All of the answer given by students were great. The student from Mayfield High School gave a compelling answer and his answer was, 'No, because (I) believe that if the intruder repents, God will forgive him.'" I said the angels in heaven are applauding your answer and your parent should be proud.

In summary, the journey of the Class of 2019 just began and there is a scripture to end story and go a long with baccalaureate service answer from Romans Chapters 11-16.

Taira McAfee

Penned poet, Mayfield