To the Editor,

In the past few months, it has come to my mind as a taxpayer of the United States, Kentucky and Graves County, I am made to wonder if all our elected officials really go by the oath they stand and raise their hand to uphold.

I have several examples of late that really need to be looked at by "we the people," who cast our vote for these citizens to uphold all the laws of the land.

No. 1. The sewage bill passed by the General Assembly. Signed into law; overturned by the courts. The main reason?... not following proper procedure set by the law.

No. 2. Marcy's Law had an injunction from the word 'go' to challenge it in court. We voted on this Marcy's Law and it was passed by the people. Could not be certified until it went to the courts and was struck down.

Why? Again, did not meet requirements and procedures to be on the ballot. A few lines were put on the ballot, whereas stated by the court, (but) the whole amendment had to be put on the ballot.

No. 3. The Graves County School Board raised our taxes above the 4 percent allowed by law (without a referendum). A group of taxpaying citizens challenged the above 4 percent increase and our school board brought a lawsuit against these citizens due to the fact of not following procedure.

The school board lost. The people won the right to have an election.

Now here are some facts.

In December, at a school board meeting, the elected school board members were given a copy of KRS 160.470 (Section 7A). They were asked to read it and the chairman was to get back to the person. The letter stated they did not understand the question being proposed.

This same gentleman went back to the school board meeting in February. This time, Section 7A was read aloud. Section 7A reads as follows: "Except as provided by (9) and (10) of this section and KRS 157-440, a district board of education proposing to levy a general tax rate within the limits of subsection (1) of this section which exceeds the compensating rate defined in KRS 132.010 shall call a public hearing to hear comments from the public regarding the proposed tax rate.

"The hearings shall be held in the principal office of the taxing district or, in the event of the taxing district not having an office or the facility (is) not suited for such a hearing, the hearing shall be held in a suitable facility as near as possible to the geographic center of the district."

In other words, did the Graves County School Board follow procedure by having a tax hearing and meeting at Lowes Elementary in September of 2018? If so, why is it that we as taxpayers cannot get anything done about the negligence of our elected school board officials to go around this law?

We have been instructed that the only way to get this law reversed is to file a civil suit against the school board. I can't understand why it was not mentioned in the counter suit filed by our county attorney.

All I ask is you, the taxpayer, be the judge. Was it done properly according to other examples given in this letter. If not, how did they raise our property tax 4 percent on our last tax bill?

Thank you,

Danny Foy, Wingo