No more Bingo

Editor’s note: The property has been sold and Tuesday was the last session.

To the Editor,

Where is it going? OUT!

No more Bingo at Graves County after May 11. People came from Fulton, Union City, Paris, Columbus and Paducah to go to Bingo. They shop, buy groceries and buy gas in Mayfield and Graves County.

With all the empty buildings in and around Mayfield, will no one come forward and help the Bingo organization? The moms and pops (and) senior citizens all go to Bingo. Another strike against them. I thought Mayfield wanted to grow.

The pull tabs sponsor the activities at school, helps these girls and boys — soccer, basketball, baseball, etc. teams. Terrible. Another activity gone for the senior citizens (out the door). No one cares.

Carolyn Courtney