Appreciation expressed

for 'Harriet' showing

To the editor,

The Mayfield branch of the NAACP would like to express appreciation to all the members of the community who attended the showing of the movie "Harriet" at the Princess Theater Monday evening.

It was especially gratifying to have so many young people in the audience to see this inspiring story of a truly great American.

We are indebted to Joe Smith and the Princess Theater for going to great lengths to obtain this film for us.

Joe's spirit of community service certainly makes his theater a real asset to all our citizens.

We look forward to serving Mayfield with more NAACP sponsored events in the future.

We are so glad that Mayfield has a vibrant local newspaper, which is always ready to get the word out about events that are important to all of us.


Bruce Dobyns


Mayfield NAACP