To the Editor,

First, I want to give thanks to God for giving me this vision to take on this project for our forgotten military veterans and God's fighting saints.

I want to thanks Anthony Morris, Carolyn Morris, and Ollie Reeves for letting me help them with the issues surrounding Peaceful Valley Cemetery.

I would like to thank the families' members of these veterans for giving me the honor and privilege to help them to reset and restore the headstones of their lost loved ones. I want to thanks our local businesses for their support with the supplies needed for us to do this work. Thank you sincerely and I would like to thank The Mayfield Messenger, WPSD and area churches for getting the information to the people. I would like to give a big "thank you" to Darrick Herndon and Frankie Johnson. Words are not enough to express the appreciation for your help and support. Thanks for a job well done in resetting and restoring the headstones of our brave military veterans who help paved the way for freedom for all the people's of our great nation.

To all the people, please go and visit the places of the brave men and women who fought for you and gave their life for our country and give them honor and respect that is past due to them for their sacrifice for their legacy still lives on.

Ralph Priddy