Athletes pen messages to 'Sports Moms'

Deeanne Arant and

daughter Carly Arant

"M is for the million things she gave me …

Today is Mother's Day. So first off, Happy Mother's Day!

All good mothers sacrifice, in some way, shape or form, for their children. That, of course, includes "Sports Moms."

Sports Moms are involved in the normal, everyday activities associated with parenthood, but have the additional shared responsibilities of transportation, food preparation, ad sales, ticket sales, event planning, etc., for their student-athlete.

A couple of weeks ago on my Facebook and Twitter platforms, I shared a request for student-athletes to send me a "Mother's Day" message to publish in the newspaper. Below are the sentiments shared from those who responded:

Carly Arant, daughter of Deeanne Arant: Thank you, Mom, for never missing a game, for always cheering for me on the side lines, for always making sure I got to do all the travel teams, making sure I had the best soccer experience ever, and for always telling I did an amazing job after a game even when I thought I didn't.

Thank you, Mom, for being my best friend since the beginning and never not being proud of me. You're my biggest fan on and off the field. Thank you and Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

"O means only that she's growing old;

T is for the tears she shed to save me …

Race Richards, son of Terry Richards: When it comes to my mom, words can't describe the effect she has on my athletic career. From my first Little League football game in 3rd grade to the bright lights on Friday nights, she has been there. Going back and watching film, you can see her cheering her heart out on the sidelines.

She's the strongest woman I know. She was recently diagnosed with lymphoma, but that hasn't been a hindrance to her being at every game or scrimmage I've had. I wanna thank her for the countless miles she's drove taking me to practices, the numerous pairs of gloves and cleats purchased for each season, and the occasions she took time out of her day to make sure I had everything I need for practices or games. I love you, Mom.

"H is for her heart

of purest gold …

Cody Goatley, son of Christina Goatley: Ever since I started playing sports, my mom has always been at every single game. She hasn't ever missed one. She carried me around everywhere, driving me across different states playing AAU basketball when I was younger. Now she takes me across the country to football camps.

She's extremely supportive of my goals and what I want to do after high school. She is constantly sacrificing her time for me. I will forever be grateful and am amazingly blessed to have the best mom in the world. I want to one day reach my final goal so I will be able to repay her for everything she's done for me.

"E is for her eyes with love light shining …

Colin Price, son of Catherine Price: My mom has been there for me throughout my whole life. She always keeps me in line in sports. Always pushes to do my best in the classroom and on the field. I can hear her yelling whether I'm at a ballpark or playing at War Memorial Stadium with thousands of people watching. She always keeps me in check with keeping my grades first sports second.

If your reading this Mom, thank you so much for everything you've done. I love you. Happy Mother's Day.

"R is right and right she'll always be …

Brady Smith, son of Jen Smith: I cannot thank my mom enough for all she does. As I look back on growing up, I can't think of very many things that my mom wasn't at. She has sacrificed her time, money, and plans to tend to me all throughout every aspect of my life, and I cannot thank her enough for that.

She has supported me through every decision I've made, especially college football. She has made college football possible for me by driving miles upon miles with my dad to make sure I could attend every visit, camp, and tour possible. Thank you for all you do, Mom. It does not go unnoticed. Happy Mother's Day! I love you!

Addaley Smith, daughter of Jen Smith: My mom is definitely my biggest supporter. I can't remember the last time she has missed any of my sporting events, including basketball, cheer, volleyball or softball. She manages going to not only all of my games, but my brothers too, and I don't know many parents who can manage that.

My mom's not only a good mom on the sports side, she's good all around. No matter how many times I snap at her, she'll always be there in the end. She does anything and everything she can to keep me happy and I don't appreciate that enough.

"Put them all together and they spell mother;

A word that means the world to me."

Happy Mother's Day.

Eric Walker is the sports editor of The Mayfield Messenger. He can be reached at Follow him on Twitter (@sports_ewalker).