LOUISVILLE -- Graves County took dead aim at the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP) national tournament and nearly hit dead center.

In the 3D tournament, Graves County High School's team posted its best team score of 1,720 for second place in the country. That total was nine points away from taking first out of 133 high school teams.

"This was the greatest way to end our year. I do not have enough time or words to say how much this team means to me," coach Kerry Smith said. "The four seniors that are on the team (Lucas Smith, Brandy Spillman, Selena Elder and Lillie Johnson) have been shooting since middle school, and what a way to go out."

Freshman Laken Moffitt finished fourth in the nation among 941 female archers, and also won a $750 scholarship with her 292 score to lead Graves County High School's team.

Graves County Middle School also shot in both 3D and bull's-eye tournaments, with GCMS finishing third place out of 123 middle school teams with a 1,706 score.

Jacob Kell led the middle school boys with a 288, and Krista Mohler shot a 287 to pace the GCMS girls.

Graves County was the only program to have two teams in the top three in the country.

In bull's-eye, GCMS shot 3,329 for 14th of 255 middle school teams. Kell and Michael Nalley led the boys with both firing 283 scores. Mohler also led the girls with a 278.

"It was truly a great day for Graves County archery," Smith added.

Graves' high school team also held its season-ending banquet recently with Naomi Ellegood named Wendy's Most Improved Archer of the Year; Makenzie Beanland named Overall Best Bull's-eye and 3D Female; Moffitt named Most Consistent; and Keaton Mohler as Overall Bull's-eye and 3D Male Archer, Rookie of the Year and Domino's Archer of the Year.

Class grade point average awards were also presented to freshman Moffitt (4.0), sophomore Ellegood (3.8), junior Beanland (3.9), and seniors Johnson and Smith (4.0).