Graves County boys and girls cross country is off to the races for the 2019 season.

The Eagles and Lady Eagles have each ran in three meets thus far including the Madisonville Classic, the Central Kentucky Run for the Gold and the Calloway County Invitational.

Madisonville Results:

Girls 5000 Meter Run Finals

23:55.30 Clair Lamb 30th

24:26.70 Audrey Lamb 38th

24:45.39 Stella Mapes 43rd

28:19.50 Baylee Shelton 64th

29:10.42 Jenna Leath 73rd

37:19.41 Aaliyah Leech 94th

38:03.91 Aaliyah Garcia 95th

38:08.43 Maci Green 96th

Boys 5000 MeterRun Finals

18:12.11 Isaac Lockwood 16th

18:48.88 Levi Dugger 25th

19:10.98 Aaron Smith 37th

21:00.53 Scott Svoboda 80th

21:14.15 Nathan Herndon86th

22:29.17 Malcom West104th

22:31.17 Caleb Miller105th

25:39.12 Logan Davis 129th

27:38.05 Owen Myrick 138th

Central Kentucky Runfor the Gold

Girls 5000 Meter Run Finals

22:57.87 Clair Lamb 67th

23:02.47 Stella Mapes 72nd

24:10.18 Audrey Lamb 98th

26:20.12 Baylee Shelton 145th

28:13.69 Jenna Leath166th

33:53.96 Aaliyah Leech183rd

35:45.84 Maci Green 185th

37:45.59 Aaliyah Garcia 187th

Boys 5000 Meter RunFinals Place

18:30.25 Isaac Lockwood 52th

18:36.78 Aaron Smith 60th

19:13.70 Levi Dugger 89th

20:10.33 TJ Miller 124th

20:37.07 Nathan Herndon 137th

20:52.27 Ethan McClain 147th

21:07.84 Scott Svoboda 157th

22:17.91 Malcom West 185th

*Results from the Calloway County Invitational will be updated online when they become available.