Members of the Graves County girls cross country team pose with the team’s second place plaque. Pictured from left, Emma Madding, Amy Rosales and Rhaea Mathis.

Graves County cross country sophomore Emma Madding took home first place in the McCracken County Invitational over the weekend.

Madding defeated 58 competitors and beat out second palace finisher Mayci Moore of Webster County by 23 seconds to claim her first win of the season.

Madding’s first place finish also helped the Graves County girls team to a second place finish in the girls team competition.

The boys team finished in fifth place out of 11 teams with junior Aaron Smith and sophomore Tray Madding leading the way.

Girls Results

Place Name Team Time

1 Emma Madding Graves County 22:34.26

6 Rhaea Mathis Graves County 23:39.62

16 Riley Nolin Graves County 25:13.95

23 Maritza Rosas Graves County 26:49.74

30 Amy Rosales Graves County 28:05.12

40 Jenna Leath Graves County 31:08.29

47 Nayelli Carbajal Graves County 32:50.89

Boys Results

Place Name Team Time

18 Aaron Smith Graves County 19:07.73

19 Tray Madding Graves County 19:20.51

31 Richard Cole Graves County 20:09.15

35 Levi Dugger Graves County 20:28.05

37 Ryan Barnett Graves County 20:41.83

49 Hayden Orr Graves County 21:32.00

50 Ruben Moreno Graves County 21:50.20

81 Liam Ray Graves County 28:18.36