The Ohio Valley League has announced it will select its inaugural OVL All League Team at the end of the 2019 regular season and fans have voting input.

Fans will vote via the OVL’s Twitter account (@OVLBaseball) in the closing days of the regular season.

Opening Day games will be played on Friday, May 31, throughout the league.

Some rule changes have been put into place for this season. The OVL games are played in accordance with the NCAA Baseball rules, with only a few exceptions.

Teams will incorporate a pitch clock (120 seconds) between innings. The pitcher will have 30 seconds to deliver his next pitch if no runners are on base.

The number of defensive conferences has been limited to six per game this year. Only three of those can involve the coach without changing the pitcher. An additional conference is granted in extra innings.

The rules concerning obstruction require the defensive player to have the ball before attempting to block the base.

There are several rule changes concerning the pitcher’s foot placement.

The OVL will also incorporate a 10-run rule this year. If one team has a 10-run lead after 7 innings (6 ½ if the home team) then the game will be ended.

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