Josh Rhodes makes par on final hole for WKA win

ERIC WALKER/The Mayfield Messenger

Josh Rhodes points to help guide his first putt toward the hole on the 18th green at Mayfield-Graves Country Club Sunday during the Independence Bank West Kentucky Amateur tournament's final round. Rhodes shot a two-day, 65-67--132 for 8-under-par to win the annual outing.

Josh Rhodes’ start Sunday wasn’t what he hoped for, but his finish made up for it to win the Independence Bank West Kentucky Amateur.

He bogeyed the par-4 No. 1 hole to lose a stroke to 2018 WKA champ Trent Johnson, but later rallied with four straight birdies between the seventh and 10th holes to get to 8-under par.

That accounted for the final margin with a two-day, 65-67—132.

“I played well,” Rhodes said of his overall game during the weekend at Mayfield-Graves Country Club. “It’s one I wanted to win. I said, ‘I’ve got to do it,’ so I was excited to get that done. That was my goal coming in.”

And as for his start?

“I hate playing No. 1,” Rhodes said, shaking his head. “It’s a good hole, but I just play horribly. I bogeyed it both days. I hit a horrible tee shot and you get handcuffed on that right side.”

He played par golf from the par-4 No. 2 on through the par-5 fifth hole. But it was on the No. 5 hole that Johnson evened things at 4-under with his birdie. But it didn’t last for long as Rhodes made his string of birdies.

Rhodes carded his second bogey of the day on the par-3 No. 11 hole, but got it back two holes later on the par-5 No. 13. Rhodes closed out the final five holes by shooting par.

“I didn’t think my swing was dialed in perfect, but it got the job done,” he added.

Johnson finished as runner-up with an even par 70 Sunday after shooting 67 Saturday for a two-day 137 total. Carter Dodson was third at 71-70—141, and 2017 WKA champ Greg Beale, Lance Davis and Husten Lancaster tied for fourth with 143 scores.

Matt Scott won the first flight by recording the only other sub-par score of the tournament by shooting a 1-under 69 Sunday and total 146. In the second flight, Eli Towery won with an 82-70—152. Jeff Britain won the third flight (86-82—168).

John W. Capp won the senior flight with a 81-80—161 total, and Tommy Thomas won the senior championship with a 72-70—142.

Independence Bank

West Kentucky Amateur

Championship Flight

Josh Rhodes 65-67--132

Trent Johnson 67-70--137

Carter Dodson 71-70-- 141

Greg Beale 70-73--143

Husten Lancaster 70-73--143

Lance Davis 72-71--143

Collins Dodson 72-73--145

Graham Crouch 72-73--145

Shane Taylor 70-76--146

Brian Henson 72-74--146

Blake Thomas 73-73--146

Larry Joe Seay 74-72--146

Cody Martin 73-73—146

Chris Wilson 73-77--150

Darrick Herndon 70-83--153

First Flight

Matt Scott 77-69--146

Steve Cope 74-74-- 148

Alex Jackson 75-74-- 149

Clayton Bradshaw 77-73-- 150

Joe Johnson 77-74—151

Javin West 77-77-- 154

Drew Kirk 79-75-- 154

Kable Holt 79-75-- 154

Rob Coffey 77-80-- 157

Matt Moss 79-78-- 157

John Beasley 79-80-- 159

Justin Carrico 77-85-- 162

Matt Hayden 78-84-- 162

Second Flight

Eli Towrey 82-70-- 152

Landon Arnett 80-77-- 157

David Skyes 82-76—158

Nathan Moore 84-74-- 158

Jeff Wilson 80-79-- 159

Bruce Clay 83-78-- 161

Tanner Wilson 84-78-- 162

Tyler Goodman 82-83-- 165

Michael Hurt 85-82-- 167

Brian Dick 85-84-- 169

Craig Dick 82-89-- 171

Third Flight

Jeff Brittain 86-82-- 168

Steve Wiles 86-83-- 169

Kevin James 87-84-- 171

David Sanderson 90-90-- 180

Chuck Wiggins 89-92-- 181

Mark Glover 87-94-- 181

Matt Scoggins 87-98-- 185

Chris Powell 92-94-- 186

Stephen Hatchell 92-96-- 188

Jay Beasley 95-100-- 195

Senior Championship Flight

Tommy Thomas 72-70-- 142

Steve Frizzell 71-72-- 143

Eddie Choate 73-71-- 144

Andy Suiter 75-74-- 149

Royce Buck 79-77-- 156

Bill Brand 80-80-- 160

Steve Winn 79-84-- 163

Mark Buck 78-86-- 164

Marty Offut 80-91—171

Senior First Flight

John Clapp 81-80-- 161

Dale Summers 85-77-- 162

Ken Cromwell 82-84-- 166

Gary Adams 85-81-- 166

Rick Wilson 87-82-- 169

Joe Daughty 81-89-- 170

Dale Kirk 83-92-- 175

Rick Holmes 92-95—187

Closest to the Hole

Cody Martin (No. 3-hole in one), Drew Kirk (No. 5), David Sykes (No. 9), Tommy Thomas (No. 11), Mark Buck (No. 17).

Championship Skins

Cody Martin (No. 3-hole in one), Matt Hayden (No. 10-eagle), Josh Rhodes (No. 13-eagle).

Senior Skins

Ken Cromwell (Nos. 5 and 11), Bill Brand (No. 9), Marty Offutt (No. 12), Dale Kirk (No. 13), Andy Suiter (No. 14).