Dominic Thomas Player Profile

JOSEPH “PEE WEE” PETTY/The Mayfield Messenger

Mayfield first baseman Dominic Thomas eyes the ball as a Hickman County player crosses the bag in the season opener.

This week's Brown Funeral Homes Player Profile is on Mayfield senior Dominic Thomas.

Thomas was a defensive lineman for the Cardinals and is now playing infield and pitching for the baseball team.

Thomas shared with Mayfield Messenger sports editor Eric Walker about the lineman life, workouts and competition between him and his athletic sisters.

Eric Walker: What will you remember most about your football career at Mayfield?

Dom Thomas: The brotherhood amongst the team.

Walker: How many years have you played football?

Thomas: I played football from third grade through middle school, and played my senior year.

Walker: What's practice with your fellow linemen like?

Thomas: With being linemen, it's an important part of the game so it was all work. Learn every day.

Walker: What was your favorite workout in the weight room?

Thomas: If I'm being honest, none of them.

Walker: Was there a least favorite?

Thomas: I couldn't pick just one.

Walker: We're about midway through baseball season now. What are you looking for from the team to make a push toward the postseason?

Thomas: As a team, we need to continue to put the ball in play, string hits together and capitalize when we have the opportunity. Also, play defense behind our pitchers.

Walker: What are your plans after high school?

Thomas: I plan to attend WKCTC.

Walker: Your sisters are also athletes at Mayfield. How competitive are you with them?

Thomas: We're pretty competitive in everything we do, but it's just to try to push the other one hard.

Walker: What's been your favorite class at MHS?

Thomas: I would have to go with my machining class because I get to actually make things and have fun.

Walker: What would be your walk-up music for your at-bat?

Thomas: "Might As Well" by Future.

Walker: Favorite baseball team?

Thomas: Washington Nationals.

Walker: Favorite football team?

Thomas: Philadelphia Eagles.

Walker: You're ordering pizza. What is on it?

Thomas: Meats. No veggies.

Walker: Do you like scary movies?

Thomas: Debatable. I'm not real big on much TV.

Walker: Favorite slushy flavor?

Thomas: Blue raspberry.